Earth Hero

by Kamara Thomas

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Kamara Thomas, bassist/singer of the indie power trio Earl Greyhound, returns to her solo songwriting roots by creating an album of astro-religious songspells channeled from the American Dreamtime.

Kamara Thomas and The Ghost Gamblers' debut album "Earth Hero" is a hypnotic collection of meticulously crafted songs that transports the listener from a lost-love journey through the mythic American landscape (My Kentucky), to an angelic apocalypse (Lily Gloriosa) to a timeless ode of love/hate in the bedroom (You Wreck Me). The Ghost Gamblers create cosmic Americana from a wide swath of classic rock and country influences (Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young, Emmylou Harris) with echoes of Native American shamanism, early American spirituals, hymns and mountain songs.

"Earth Hero" is a classic, coast-to-coast road trip album, traveling from melancholy to majestic. It's heart is Kamara's milky-wayed warble and her powerful storytelling, channeled through a poetic gaze and an obsession with America's landscape and psyche.


released January 1, 2013

All songs written by Kamara Thomas (BMI)
Produced by Jeff Malinowski
Mixed by Dave Schiffman
Mastered by Howie Weinberg and Dan Gerbarg at Howie Weinberg Mastering, LA

Kamara Thomas - vocals, guitars, tambourine
Gabriel Berezin - guitars, vocals
Amal Bouhabib - vocals
John Durgee - drums
Gordon Hartin - pedal steel
Jeff Malinowski - guitars, vocals, 12-string, bass, piano, harmonica, tambourine

Recorded at Beatstreet Productions
Engineered by Jeff Malinowski, Matt Longoria and Alby Cohen
Design by Matthew Fletcher
Cover photo by Leilani Himmelstein
Back photo by Colm Johnston

Goddess & Great Spirit; Gordon & Cherokee, Jeff, Amal, Gaber, Johndurgs, Fletcher, Brian Young, Emily D, Leilani, Ryan Simms, Chris & Arianne at Picture Farm, Larune, Earl Greyhound, Honky Tonk Happy Hour, friends and family-- for your encouragement and support!

Info:,, facebook/kamarathomasandtheghostgamblers

2013 All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


Kamara Thomas Durham, North Carolina

Astro-religious songspells and tales culled from ancient American songlines and dreamtimes. Echoes of Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young, Dolly Parton, The Band, Tom Petty, spirituals, hymns, mountain-songs and Native American shamanism, intricate vocal harmonies and multi-instrumental adventures lilting over country-soul and dreamy pop grooves. Satisfaction guaranteed ... more

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Track Name: My Kentucky

This is Kentucky, the town of Hazard
And I'm living with my ladylove, the lily-white Olivia
Oh I say Olivia, I won't do for mining
I'm gonna take the railroad to the southern tip of Mexico
Now little girl you dry your eye and keep it on our mother mountain
From there I will come home to you
And I promise that I will be true, I'll say
In my Kentucky, the town of Hazard
Lives a lady, and I love her oh
So it doesn't matter what they may got to say to me
My home they'll never be

This is rail yard, downtown Chicago
And I've been working on the rail cars days, sleeping in the board house nights
Oh I dream Olivia of you dressed in ermine
Stepping off the luxury line
So I'm telling every friend of mine
In my Kentucky, the town of Hazard
Lives a lily-dove, and I'm the one she's thinking of oh
So it doesn't matter if I got things I gotta do
To me she'll always be true

This is a highway through Minnesota
And I'm a-following the heartland snow through the corner of Oklahoma
Oh I know Olivia that I'll find my treasure
Buried in these southern hills, and I know I gotta have my fill
As for my Kentucky, well I had to pass her
I know she'll understand why I had to keep going
I won't pay no matter
'Cause there's a thing I gotta be
And home a-waiting always is she

This is a fire side, cold dark Alaska
And I've been searching from the Iowa plains to forests of the Pennsylvane
For something, Olivia, I can't quite remember
I've been alone so long, I can't recall my home
Kentucky, oh town of Hazard
There ain't nothin' I wouldn't do to get me back home to you

This is a ghost town outside Tallulah
And I've been staring at the southern sun from the dawn until the day be done
Oh I heard Olivia, of your body buried
And now I'm riding me a riverboat back to the banks of my Hazard home
And then I'm gonna cry my eye for the daughter of the mountain
May our mother make a use of my tears
May she find me fit to bury here
In my Kentucky, the town of Hazard
I knew that I'd return one day
But not that I'd find my treasure this way
But what does it matter
I am old now
And my lily-love golden is gone

Oh Olivia, oh Olivia...
Track Name: You Call Everybody Baby

You call everybody baby
I've heard more than enough
And that was only yesterday
It wasn't loud
But you sure did let it ring
I thought you'd know
To be takin' to whispering

I heard of a duke over in Italy
Whose duchess
Disappeared mysteriously
He'd kiss her wrist
And the joy would just blush up her cheek
But the blush returned
For something simple as a bowl of cherries

Enter in with brushes in hand
The kindly priest
Who by the time he'd stroked all her lines
Backslid completely
The blush is captured now
But only in a painting
Of the two who loved her
I wonder which one I would be

You call everybody baby
You call everybody baby
Track Name: Slow Sally

I've seen the sound of words spoken in secret
I've seen the whispering that happens in your darkness
I've seen the remnants of those lovely eyelashes
And I've seen the way you talk like I'm some kind of slow Sally

If I lie but I say I'm sorry tell me does it count
If I change does it make a difference and for what amount
If I'm good
Tell me what I win
If I'm good

I've seen the way you do behind those Chinese curtains
I've seen the hazy fog that happens out your window
I've seen your lily back and all its constellations
And I've seen the chime that rings
Time's up for the merry widow

If I lie but I say I'm sorry tell me does it count
If I change does it make a difference and for what amount
If I'm good
Tell me what I win
If I'm good

Slow Sally on the ledge
Slow Sally I'm gonna come on down
I do need the wash to clean me clean
I do need the blood that we all bleed
I need to let the blood that lets me die
I do need the flames from which to rise

I know the way to fall to find my rock bottom
I'd show the way to you but I think you know it too
I could write the words on the wall
But are they the ones that we wanted
I'd just as well be singing a different kind of tune

If I lie but I say I'm sorry tell me does it count
If I change does it make a difference and for what amount
If I'm good
Tell me what I win
If I'm good
Track Name: Lily Gloriosa

All the folks on Prospect Street
Saw the vortex in the sky
As for me I choose to believe
It was aurora borealis

Beauty has not left us yet
So weep on Audrey
Weep on

Standing stranded in the street
In Vegas version of starlight
As for me I choose to believe
That a spider web can still
Survive the night

Audrey's still weeping
Weep on Audrey
Weep on
C'mon let's keep on weeping
But I hope
I hope I'm gone

Before we're down to our last bone
Before this city has turned us to stone
Before the snow hides the ice's place
And our footprints have all
Melted away
I hope I'm gone
I'm gone

Chasing summer to the south
Nearing the end
I'll be tired out
Am I headed to the same
Will I be dead when it's all done

It's too late now
The taste is in my mouth
Sucked right past the
Event horizon

And searching for the eastward sun
To find my comfort
In the eastward sun
I find my comfort

Future glory
Lily Gloriosa

I'm dreaming of falling teeth
I must be
Dreaming I"m dying

Future glory
Lily Gloriosa
Track Name: Red Wing

I wanna be an old woman
Gold buckles on my shoes
Staring deep into a cauldron
Tripping over the clover

I wanna be an old woman
No cares to cut my mind
A good spell to bide my time
And sing a song auguring the red-wing blackbird

Red wing, red wing
Red wing, red wing

I wanna be a grasshopper
And taking my time
Waiting on an unspecified rhyme
Jumping only when I feel to

I wanna be a grasshopper
Staring up at the sky
With no care for wrong or why
Happy singing with the red-wing blackbird

Red wing, red wing
Red wing, red wing

I want to be a painter
I want to know what painters know
I want to see straight into heaven
I want to dream in gold, gold, gold

I want to fly into the dawning sky
Alight on a clover and cry into the morning
I'm waiting my love
Flying on my red wing
I want to fly into the morning light
Is it dawning on you baby
I'm calling you
Flying on my red wing

Red wing…
Track Name: That's No Way to Treat Your Sweet Guitar

I wept all night when I forgot my axe
Down in New Orleans at the One-Eyed Jack's
And that's no way to treat your sweet guitar

She's a patient gal, I drag her place to place
Loyal even when I leave her in her case
But that's no way to treat your sweet guitar
That's no way to treat your sweet guitar

I give her talk-back flak for her rusty old strings
Then put her in a dusty corner like another dirty thing
And that's no way to treat your sweet guitar

I yell you're just like me, you only buckle and bruise
Why don't you give up on me like I give up on you
And that's no way to treat your sweet guitar

That's no way to treat your sweet guitar
That's no way to treat your sweet guitar

I could tie you up on a railroad track
Take my leave on you and never look back
But that's no way to treat your sweet guitar

I could shut my trap, I could fight to be free
I could do unto you like I think you're doing unto me
But that's no way to treat your sweet guitar

I spend my time getting in your head
Keep my mind on you, leave myself for dead
But that's no way to treat my sweet guitar

Or I could keep my eyes on the heavens above
While I try to be holy and deny our lowly love
But that's no way to treat your sweet guitar

That's no way to treat each other baby
That's no way to treat your sweet guitar
Track Name: You Wreck Me

Yeah I've been tired, and tired from sleeping
Sick to the stomach from closeness
Pretending my jaw's all broken
And staring at walls like a coward

But I'd rather be kissing my pillow
Than having the battle of Shiloh again with you
You're just another ghost gambler
Dressed in your skin, silver and shining

Speakin' of silver, I was looking at mine
Trying to remember who I'd saved it show
Wondering when I'd let it dull to a stone
Of course wondering when you'd be coming home

So I'm a hellcat, and you're a hellbender
Lord between your roaming and my toxic tongue
But I could plunder the lark and her bevy
For feathers of second-hand sincerity

So if I shine your shoes and wash off your feet
Can we ignore the shards in the sheets
Until we're lyin' down on the same opinion
Until we're cryin' again when somebody bleeds

You wreck me…

Well you can find another who has what you need
Or learn not to need anything from me
So said the body on the slaveship Desire
We're made of mistakes
And they've made us liars

You wreck me…